Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Military and Green Beret, Border and National Security, Ice and Security

Military and Green Beret, Border and National Security, Ice and Security

Nation and State, Peninsula and Bay, Citizens and Economy

Institution and Duty, 40% and 700,000, Central and Agency

Department and Branch, Intelligence and Secure, Council and Order

Power and AuthorityBlack Operation and Black, Unit and Government

Organization and Bureau, Federal and Official, Covert and Clandestine

Executive and Judiciary, Administrator and Management, Finance and Fund

 Blue Collar Worker and Pink Collar Worker, White Collar Worker and Development

Design and Contract, Research and Developer, Cancer and Diabetes

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Color and Banner, Design and Fabric, Pole and Flag

Flag and Pole, Fabric and Design, Banner and Color

Symbol and Signal, Decoration and Totem, Emblem and Tribe

Monument and MemorialCemetery and Graveyard, Tombstone and Tomb

Grim Reaper and Statue, Front and YardFence and Gate

Bat and Border, Coffin and Casket, Catacomb and Crypt

Church and GraveMausoleum and Columbarium, Pigeon and Crow

Passage and Avenue, Boulevard and Street, Nobility and Stonemason

Headstone and Weeping Angel, Creator and Christian Cross, Blacksmith and Metal

Skeleton and Landscape, Designer and Act, Expansion and Extension

Friday, June 14, 2019

Company and Service, Transportation and Space, Manufacturer and Aerospace

Aerospace and Manufacturer, Space and Transportation, Service and Company

Headquarters and LaunchMaterial and Matter, Research and Technology

Education and Finance, Design and Layout, Earth and Spacetime Continuum

Model and Fuse, Dimension and Diagram, Effect and Event

Universe and GalaxySpaceship and Craft, Communication and Navigation

Colonization and Planetary, Exploration and Explore, Human and Cargo

Orbiter and Suit, Pilot and CrewTerraforming and Planet, Atmosphere and Temperature

Probe and Collection, Surface and Environment, Logistics and Economics

Outer and Solar System, Satellite and Habitation, Engineering and Biosphere

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Access and Internet, Mobile Phones and Radio, Telephone and Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkie and Telephone, Radio and Mobile Phones, Internet and Access

Service and High Speed, Free and Freebies, Cables and Cords

Communications and Modems, Routers and CellphonesAccessible and Broadband

Satellite and Cable ServiceAnswer Machine and Phone, Cassette and Voicemail

Stereo and Grocery Store, Shopping Mall and Comic Shop, Magazines and Catalogs

Coupons and Discounts, Video Game Consoles and Video Games, Retail and Grocer

Soups and Steak, Sauerkraut Stuffed Hot Dogs and Sloppy Joes, Tater Tots and Meat Loaf

Shepherd's Pie and Pesto and Chicken Sandwich, Chili and Beef

Electric Shaver and Toothbrushes, Scissors and StationeryInsect Killer and Solar Power

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Memorial and Monument, Quaker and Friend, Parade and Black

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

 My Chemical Romance

Black and Parade, Friend and Quaker, Monument and Memorial

Graveyard and Cemetery, Tomb and Grave, Band and Savior

Demon and Red Cross, Red and Cross, Phantom and Skull

Television and Yellow Line, Crossing and Boulevard, Green and Arrow

Metropolis and City, Design and Erect, Misery and Hatred

Williams and Bruce, Work and Job, Labor and Career

Rock and Punk, Medal and Hero, Pole and Flag

Unknown Soldier and Soldier, Marble and GoldBrick and Mortar

Pavilion and Design, Private Beach and Frame, Mansion and Manor house

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Baby and Toddler, Real Estate and Office, Dog and Home

Liberty University

Home and Dog, Office and Real Estate, Toddler and Baby

Suite and Celebration, Home and House, Birth and Enclosure

Bear and Bat, Geek and Nurse, Food and Drinks

Clothing and Apparel, Envelope and Stamps, Gift and Greek

Space and Exploration, Artisan and Designer, Sculpture and Art

Photographer and Hair Stylist, School and Business, Marble and Lighting

Kitchen and Dining Room, Holiday and Announcement, Menu and Program

Gift and Collection, Pregnancy and Bridal Shower, Stationary and Greeting Cards

Frame and Display, Life and Style, Endless and Budget

Monday, June 3, 2019

Coins and Currency, Tokens and Legal Tender, Money and Cash

Coins and Currency, Tokens and Legal Tender, Money and Cash

Circulation and Distribution, Stock Exchange and Bourse, Securities and Bonds

Equity and Market, Buyer and Seller, Trade and Trader

Labor and Hiring, Workforce and Assignment, Employment and Compensation

Fight and Push, Payment and Installment, Profit and Proceeds

Revenue and Income, Allowance and Take-Home Pay, Balance and Deduction

9% and 700,000, Employee and Obligation, Payroll and Employer

Daily and Weekly, Monthly and Yearly, Salary and Contract

Hour and Unit, Pay and Yield, Execute and Perform

Friday, May 31, 2019

Rectangle and Outline, Template and Shape, Octagon and Hexagon

Hexagon and Octagon, Shape and Template, Outline and Rectangle

Building and Facility, Employment and Job, Career and Hiring

Grocery Store and Grocer, Wage and Payroll, Depression and Anxiety

Salary and Payment, 6% and $900, Weekly and Monthly

Grocery Store and Grocery, 20 Hours and 20, Courtesy Clerk and Bagger

Grocery Clerk and Cashier, Stocker and Night Crew, Apron and Pink

Red and BlueShopping Cart and Long Cart, Shopping and Basket

Box Cutter and Box, Cutter and Gloves, Aisle and Passage

Grocery Shelves and Shelves, Full and Fill, Full Stock and Stock