Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dynamic applications and Search Engines, Webmaster and Free Offers and freebies and shopping online

Dynamic applications and Search Engines, Webmaster and Free Offers and freebies and shopping online

We spent most of our school years and work years with investigating web design and web development, practicing and researching programming languageshtml and php, cgi and css.

Dynamic Applications and Dynamic Coding from javascript source and Dynamic Drive
we created search engines online, and provided freebies and free stuff to consumers and companies.

Webmaster and web design tools, We Spent a lot of time researching and downloading freeware and software related to SEO and Keyword Density Research.

We also investigated and did Security Scanning and Cyber Security of Software related Adware and spyware and how it effected the downloader in related to security and Computer Viruses, and how hard or easy it was to actually remove the software or install.

We also created popular online Shopping Stores and Internet Shopping Networks on the web
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Walmart: V7-3 Button Optical Mouse USB

V7 3-Button Optical Mouse, USB
Having a Extra USB Mouse for your computer
or laptop is important, We strongly suggest A few extra USB Mouses for all your Networking Needs, Especially if you accidentally Spill soda on your mouse or your USB mouse dies and stops working
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

MyProtein: Online Sports Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals, High Protein Food and drinks, Flavorings and Sweeteners, Tasteful Snacks and Fitness Deals only at MyProtein

 World's No. 1 online sports nutrition brand. Shop Myprotein today.

MyProtein Provides Great Sport Nutrition and Energy Related Specials, Vitamins and Minerals, High Protein Foods and Drinks, Flavorings and Sweeteners, Multivitamins and Weight Loss Products, Quality Tasteful Snacks and Fitness deals only at MyProtein

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fresh Baked Ginger Molasses Cookies - size: 1 lb. Tin - 12 Cookies

Fresh Baked Ginger Molasses Cookies - size: 1 lb. Tin - 12 Cookies
Delicious Cookies make a great snack while programming or doing web development or Networking on the computer or internet.
These Fresh Baked Ginger Molasses Cookies add a unique and great taste 

Flexispot: Garage Stack Racks and Accessories, Workstations and Desks, Mats and Mounts, Bikes and Exercise Bikes, Desktop Workstations

Height Adjustable Desks offer a full Sit/Stand experience.
The FLEXIMOUNTS 4ft-by-8ft Overhead Garage Storage Rack is an ideal choice to maximize your storage space. This durable and heavy duty overhead storage system has a capacity of up to 550 lbs. It is made of powder coated steel. The height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches providing a convenient and safe place to organize your stuff. This system is simple to set up and all the hardware and instructions needed are included in the package. Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks come with five different sizes to help you to get the best fit for your garage FlexiSpot is a company of experts dedicated to helping you enjoy standing while working at your home or office. We believe it's easy for anyone to work smarter and work healthier, and it's never too late for anyone to make a change from sitting to standing. Workstations and Desks and Accessories on sale



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