Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If you are honest and tell the truth your visitors will come

If you are honest and tell the truth your visitors will come
So as someone who has done many years of web design,blogging and internet related projects.
very first tip I will give to you, is to create your own content, Be honest and always bring the truth and real information to your visitors. stay away from anything that is offensive, such as edited photo's that is there just to be offensive or harass someone or an individuals. Your visitors will most likely leave your site for good, infact we have been doing research related to this, such as research on tabloids and gossip and just rediculas websites and almost all of them has a bounce rate of nearly 70% (users visit 1 time and then never return and the estimated time on site is less then 2 minutes)- so you get the drift.

Always be positive, and provide something of value, remember if you are truthful and honest and keep the offensive and negative content to an minimal, you will see better results. We have been doing this for longer then most people, and infact we have already gotten nearly 20,000 views on our blogs, and more then 1 million pageviews on our website, using the resources and information we provide on this Blog,
Infact we haven't spent a dime to promote or advertise. (except for our domain and webhosting costs).

Remember be creative and don't do the same "shit"  and copy everyone else and every other website. look for something that interests you, and then start from there.  It's ok to link to other sites, documents, on the worldwide web, just make sure it's really what your site or content is about.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What should I blog About: Writing and Content-Talk about your Emotions, life and past Education

What should I blog About: Writing and Content-Talk about your Emotions, life and past Education
So many people have a hard time thinking about something to write and or blog about.
If you have a website or blog, and all you care about is making money then you shouldn't be
even participating on the web.  Watch:

What if money was no object?

The focus on really writing and content, is too write something that you care about,
or perhaps a way to release that anger, and emotions from your heart.  Starting a blog or getting something online starts with an passion and desire or subject that you are interested in. 

So many people say be professional or business related, when it comes to the internet, we completely reject that notion, be yourself, (you only get one chance and life of being the person you are) Write something that you care about, that your interested in, Such as if your into music? then talk about what your music is about, and why you decided to to do the songs that you did? 

We have been involved in web design and blogging for nearly 2 decades we can trigger a sonic boom and see instant quality results and revenue anytime we want, (we have pretty much sold everything from $1,000 diamond jewelry to everyday grocery items, in the past), and could easily ruin someone's career with 1 simple page (which we never will do) or tell the honest truth and make a impact and difference (which we are about)   but we care more about "you" and our readers. It all comes down to desire and passion and what is coming from your heart. 

The best way to blog is to release everything (the 14+ years or your past history and education) of what you learned in education, school and life, out in the open, so you can learn even more.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Affiliate Managers and Retailers Stop Terminating Affiliates: Affiliate Lesson 1:

Affiliate Managers and Retailers Stop Terminating Affiliates: Affiliate Lesson 1:

As someone who has had experience as a computer programmer, and have more then a decade experience as an researcher, affiliate manager and an affiliate, and web designer, Why do affiliate managers and or retailers terminate affiliate relationships? they shouldn't be, due the the fact that it doesn't cost money to operate affiliates unless that affiliate or publisher or webmaster gets you product sales, or quality visitors.

If your affiliates bring you quality traffic and or sales, you should be generous and increase there % commission to whatever you can afford. but in general if retailers or affiliate managers offer there affiliates and or publishers less then 5% commissions, chances are that your affiliates won't end up adding your products or links to there site.

All affiliate managers and retailers should be providing text links to there affiliates not just banners or other related promotion methods. but in general you shouldn't be terminating affiliates unless they violate your ppc (search engine Bidding policy's) or using suspicious methods such as bad marketing methods such as spam, popups or auto redirect windows, or using automatic bot programs, etc, all these methods really shouldn't be allowed in affiliate marketing, as an Affiliate manager if you follow these guidelines and look out for them, your ROI most likely will increase.

What is an Affiliate (affiliate marketing)

What is an Affiliate Manager?

What is an web designer?

What is an Computer Programmer?

What is ROI?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Google Earning's down, or Supply and Demand

Google Earning's down,  or Supply and Demand
So there's recently news that Google's Earnings (Profit's) down by more then 20%
but what is never reported is that it's all on supply and demand, Every Company's profits go down
or increase sometime in reality, Sure Google's Earnings may of gone down, but how many companies and people have they made a difference too (thousands to millions)  However what isn't mentioned is that Google is still doing great:  

Google up 1.2% in premarket trades to $703.50 
Google's shares open up 0.5% after Thursday slump

Revenue increased 19% for the search giant in the third quarter of 2012. But its net income dropped 20% thanks to increased costs: View: Google's Paid Click's jump 33%




Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting involved in Business: Make sure you control your Stress

Getting involved in Business: Make sure you control your Stress
No matter what business or career you choose, when it comes to working
being overwhelmed and stressed out is one of the most serious health issues effecting
the world.

Make sure you take time to go on vacation, relax, and do not end up doing to much.
If you like Multi-Tasking, stop it right now, because the more you do it, the more stressful you will become later in life. life in general can be a struggle, just look at the issues that can happen, divorce, bankrupt,losing a loved on, being overwhelmed are all traumatic events and can eventually lead to severe stress, depression, anxiety, heart attack, divorce, violence and or suicide.

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Bipolar disorder affects about 2 million people in the United States in any given year.
bipolar is caused by distress, pressure of life, losing someone you loved.stress, bullying and much more 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Using Text Links and focusing on Product and or Service Conversion Works better then Branding and Ads

Using Text Links and focusing on Product and or Service Conversion Works better then Branding and Ads

So your a company that thinks advertising or internet marketing and or Affiliate Marketing, or whatever you decide to call it is about branding and advertising, or ads No it isn't, Infact Studies show that less advertising, and more text links
and less offensive advertising leads to a higher and CTR and ROI.

means Click-Thru Rate, While ROI  means
Return on investment. Most people hate pure ads, Banners, Flash Related Banners, They all are annoying to the user.

By Switching those Ads and Banners to text links, Product Links, Your sales, product Conversions and CTR can
be increased anywhere between 1% to 20%.
(Based on the effort you put into it) Well usually those annoying ads and banners can cut your Conversions
and CTR (Visitors) by 25% or more.

 Article: Using Text Links instead of Ads

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A new beginning of the Internet Economy Expert blog

  A new beginning of the Internet Economy Expert blog
The Internet Economy expert blog has been available for nearly a year
We have had a huge impact and thousands of views to our blog which has
decades of experience related to internet marketing, web development,
SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Social Media.

However we will be updating
this blog with a new design and making it more user friendly.  Providing an killer place
to get the best tools and digital news related to this industry.  So within the next 48 hours
you will get a whole new experience related to the internet economy expert to make it easier
to really help your blog or website online. So please be patient, as this blog will be under maitenance.