Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If you are honest and tell the truth your visitors will come

If you are honest and tell the truth your visitors will come
So as someone who has done many years of web design,blogging and internet related projects.
very first tip I will give to you, is to create your own content, Be honest and always bring the truth and real information to your visitors. stay away from anything that is offensive, such as edited photo's that is there just to be offensive or harass someone or an individuals. Your visitors will most likely leave your site for good, infact we have been doing research related to this, such as research on tabloids and gossip and just rediculas websites and almost all of them has a bounce rate of nearly 70% (users visit 1 time and then never return and the estimated time on site is less then 2 minutes)- so you get the drift.

Always be positive, and provide something of value, remember if you are truthful and honest and keep the offensive and negative content to an minimal, you will see better results. We have been doing this for longer then most people, and infact we have already gotten nearly 20,000 views on our blogs, and more then 1 million pageviews on our website, using the resources and information we provide on this Blog,
Infact we haven't spent a dime to promote or advertise. (except for our domain and webhosting costs).

Remember be creative and don't do the same "shit"  and copy everyone else and every other website. look for something that interests you, and then start from there.  It's ok to link to other sites, documents, on the worldwide web, just make sure it's really what your site or content is about.

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