Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are you using Joomla for your website?

Are you using Joomla for your website?
There are many different platforms, however as we have been using joomla for more then 6 years we will provide some resources, first and for most is that you need to get the Joomla Optimization Extention otherwise your sites cpu, memory, bandwidth will go haywire and take your site offline or your site will be very slow to load. Site performance: Get the JCH Optimize extension. It's been updated to 2.5 version, but if you have an 1.5 it still should work, otherwise you will have to find another extension, and or put the php code on every php file in your sites directory. Please see website optimization in the Tools and services area, for more about optimizing your site.

You can also get more Joomla Extensions here

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