Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do not sale items but provide a learning and educational experience

Do not sale items or focus on advertising or revenue, but provide a learning and educational experience and love with what you provide.
When it comes to promoting or saleing items on the internet or on your website or blog, focus more on providing a reason and learning and educational material related to your website and products or whatever you you want to promote, never focus on money or simply just ads or products or advertising or marketing, you will never see good results, unless you think about what your users and viewers, and share the experience or content with your loyal user base. An example is we focus more on our content, the story, or media or the advocacy and making an impact or difference on what we provide at our website or blogs. 

And we see better results, the money or revenue means nothing to us. and infact we have already used the motivation and education and learning experience to save thousands of life's, and help business owners worldwide alleviate poverty around the world with our not for profit Loans Department,

An story that helps thousands around the world, men and women who is dealing with emotional turmoil around the world, because of child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, trauma, work discrimination, Wars and PTSD or the 40+ other ways we as citizens of contributed too as an Atrocity that we continue to ignore as citizens.

Our experience and education related to the Internet and marketing or web development for almost 2 decades came for with the belief and fiery that we as one can change the world though Human Passion, and Love for each and everyone on our planet, men,women and abused and neglected dogs and cats and humans around the world mean more to us, then making revenue or advertising or marketing.

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