Friday, December 21, 2012

Content VS Advertising and annoying Ads

Content VS Advertising and annoying Ads
Most people don't understand the concept of Advertising and so called ads when it comes
to websites and placements. We have been involved in this industry longer then the retailers and big so called retailers. websites and News sites  have no idea when it comes to profit making,

They lock there websites and only allow payed  subscribers to read there site and content. They focus more on advertising and making money then they do in providing there users with a quality service.

Sure there's no harm to have advertising on a website, however it needs to fit into what the users are interested in, Such as most webmasters should always go the 80% to 20% route when it comes to content vs advertising. 80% or more of what's on a website should be content, articles, videos, stuff that your users are interested in.

20% or less should focus on advertising all together.  You want your users to return, not just visit the site, get annoyed and never come back, our methods and techniques provide a 90% re-return rate, with users staying between 10 minutes to an hour on average each person. I guess that is why what we provide remains on the top most popular ranked content for years.

Now we aren't bragging or anything, we are providing you information and tools for you to keep your online users interested in what you provide. Well hope this information is helpful, until next time.

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