Sunday, February 24, 2013

Become an Advocate online, Find real music, Start a new career, tell your story and become a Leader.

Become an Advocate online, Find real music, Start a new career, tell your story and become a Leader.
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Become an Advocate online, Find real music, Start a new career, tell your story and become a Leader. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

So you lost Twitter or Facebook Followers "Who Cares" Move on with what you believe

So you lost Twitter or Facebook Followers "Who Cares" Move on with what you believe and keep on writing Content.
So you noticed that some of your followers at Twitter or Facebook unsubscribed from your account, we will tell you "ignore it" and move on and continue with Whatever you are doing on the internet, This is why you should never place all your bets into "social media" because if you have time, having a website or blog, can bring you much more activity then what social media can do.

An example is we have about more then 600+ Followers at Twitter, (no advertising, or costs associated with gaining followers, (just provide quality content and you will see results) and if you look at the possibility of percentage, only an average of 10% of that amount (60 followers) on average would visit our tweets or focus on actually CTR (Click-thru ratio) of Tweets and links per day, But if you look at the activity you can get by either having a blog or website and being committed, and providing good content and fun stuff to do, you can gain 4 times more then what you can get from Twitter or Social Media.

It's a matter of fact and proof we get an average of more then 200 new users a day (that is 6,000 users a month) or close to 65,000 users a year on just 1 website, as well as thousands from active quality blogs an that is is about 70% better then what Twitter or Facebook has done for us.


Monday, January 21, 2013

How to keep your online users active and get them to re-return?

How to keep your online users active and get them to re-return?
keeping your online users active at your website as well as getting them to re-return to your site is the most important, here is a few tips that we will share with you.

1. Keep your advertising to a minimal, stay away from popup ads and ads that force you to click on them, providing popup ads and force to click ads or to many banners, on your website is the worst you can do, not only is it annoying to the user, but it shows that you care more about money then keeping your online users happy, in this way you may as well not even have a website if you just doing this to make money, you will end up being frustrated as it is.

2. Provide more then just photos and social media content, and just products or advertising on your site, provide a blog, provide videos that is related to what your website is about, provide free music for your online users to listen to, you can add free music player widgets, widgets and banners to Music Artists and much more to your website or blogs at, you can also embed videos from, There is nearly hundreds of resources and creative ideas you can use, be creative.  Create your own design, Create your own articles, Do what others won't do, or don't have the guts to do.  If you do add content or an article from another website, only provide the first paragraph and have a link to credit where you found the article or information, so they get the credit, as well as copyright issues as well.

3. Blog or add new content to your website on a frequent basis, the minimal we suggest is at least 7-14 updates and changes every month.

4. Stay Away from using photo's or content that just misleads the user, always tell the truth, and we strongly suggest that you stay away from being negative or attacking/bullying or spreading rumors about other people online, not only is it disrespectful, but your online users will leave your site and never come back if you aren't truthful and honest with them.

5. Learn how to do web design, learn about the basics of HTML, that is why we provide you with Education and Resources, and tools and services.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Providing Content, And Finding Real Accurate Information to Verify what you write is Accurate

The Internet Economy Expert, provides the top resources on the internet for all your web design needs, whatever it may be, blogging, SEO, Search Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Internet or web development. Utilizing your own content and writing your own custom articles is very important, If you write your own articles that provide information or valuable content, it's a great idea to provide at least 2 or multiple links to alternative and 3rd party articles just to verify what you write about and the information you get out there is valid and is real.

It's always a good idea to provide links to science,psychology, or health publishing's or Wikipedia just to provide that the information is real and correct. Of course if you write entertainment or music about a specific artist or individual it's always a great idea to only link to valid sources that provide accurate information, such as from the person's official website or blog (or a company that they are affiliated with)  For example Writing about Someone Involved in Disney, It's a good idea to scan ABC News (who is affiliated with Disney) for accurate information, etc.