Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ellen on Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screening
Breast cancer awareness is very important to Ellen. During her monologue, she talked about how it has affected her life, and what women need to be doing to protect themselves.

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Ritz Bits Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, 1.5 oz x 30 Packs, Nabisco

Ritz Bits Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, 1.5 oz x 30 Packs, Nabisco

Grocery and Food Crackers, Ritz Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, Healthy Snacks and
Great for Vending, Concessions and Daycares

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keeping Personal Data Secure In The Internet Age

Most of us lock our doors every night. We stash our valuables out of sight and keep our savings in a bank. But in this increasingly digital world, it's getting harder to protect the things we value most, including our privacy.

Articles On Computer Crimes, including: Keystroke Logging, Masters Of Deception, Computer Crime, Phishing, Data Protection Act 199
Articles On Computer Crimes, including: Keystroke Logging, Masters Of Deception, Computer Crime, Phishing, Data Protection Act 199

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Monday, May 29, 2017

President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton discuss Presidential Leadership Scholars

Letters from Bill: 20 Years of Correspondence with Bill Clinton
Joshua Bolten moderates this conversation between President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton on September 8, 2014. The presidents discuss the Presidential Leadership Scholars, a partnership between the presidential centers of George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

George H.W. Bush: The American Experience DVD




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Making Software and Software Programming and Coding

Making Software
Making Software
Many claims are made about how certain tools, technologies, and practices improve software development. But which claims are verifiable, and which are merely wishful thinking? In this book, leading thinkers such as Steve McConnell, Barry Boehm, and Barbara Kitchenham offer essays that uncover the truth and unmask myths commonly held among the software development community. Their insights may surprise you. Are some programmers really ten times more productive than others? Does writing tests first help you develop better code faster? Can code metrics predict the number of bugs in a piece of software? Do design patterns actually make better software? What effect does personality have on pair programming?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bringing Israeli Innovation to Africa

Africa, is bringing solar energy to remote villages in Africa, which she says spurs the empowerment of women and improvements in education and health.

Berlitz Central & South Africa Phrase Book & Dictionary




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Cheesecakes and Popcorn Specials, Gourmet Gift Baskets for Holiday and Birthdays, Candy and Wine Specials
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Asset Management and Alternative Knowledge for 2020

Mike Greenstein, PwC’s Global Alternative Asset Management Leader, and Andrew Thorne, US Asset Management Partner, discuss how we see the alternative asset management landscape evolving as we near 2020.

Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management
The second edition focuses on the media and entertainment sector (M&E), with more information relevant to encompass broadcasters migration to file-based production. New technology and new products are also included and there is more detail on systems integration and product examples, plus extra case studies. New content includes: - Storage management where several products have been designed for the special needs of the media business. - XML and web services. - New case studies.





Avanti 1.7 Cu.Ft Superconductor Compact Refrigerator

Compact Cube
Compact Cube Refrigerator
Keep your food and beverages at an ideal temperature while you`re at the office. The full-range temperature control allows you to find just the right coolness, while the frozen food (no freezer door) compartment with one ice tray means you can enjoy ice-cold drinks. The polyurethane foam insulated design is 2001 energy compliant. For easy storage, the refrigerator has one interior shelf and a can dispenser and two shelves on the door.

Blue Sky Alternative Investments (ASX:BLA) discusses 1H17 results and growth

Blue Sky Alternative Investments (ASX:BLA) Managing Director, Robert Shand, talks about investment performance and growth in alternatives.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Quaker Oats Foods Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar

Quaker Oats Foods Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar

Quaker Oats Foods Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar
Even more delicious chocolate chips make these Quaker Chewy Granola Bars a tasty option for your active lifestyle. 8 grams of whole grains in each chocolate chip bar deliver a tasty choice that helps keep you going. The satisfying treat contains no high-fructose corn syrup. Individual wrapped bars are perfect for breakrooms, your desk or travel.

Namaste Foods Taco Pasta

Namaste Foods Taco Pasta 8.75 Oz

Taco Pasta Dinner Gluten Free by Namaste Foods 8.75 oz Bag Taco Pasta Dinner Gluten Free 8.75 oz Bag Our delicious Mexican pasta dinner will make your taste buds jump for joy The addition of a few simple ingredients from your pantry is sure to make this a family favorite. Or just add olive oil and seasoning packet for a fast and easy side dish Supplement

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Days of Glory - Trailer

"1943. Although they have never set foot on French soil, four young Algerian soldiers feel it is their duty to enlist along with 130,000 other 'indigenous troops'. Their noble aim is to fight for the liberation of their 'fatherland' from the Nazi enemy ravaging Europe and the world. The epic journey these forgotten heroes embark upon shows us the injustices they faced in the time of war, the fearless courage they displayed in the face of brutal conflict and the discrimination they encountered from the nation they helped defend. Thrilling, spectacular and deeply moving, "Days Of Glory" is unlike any war film you have experienced."



Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Muscle Brownie Cookies and Cream 12 pckts

Muscle Brownie Cookies & Cream 12 pckts
so good it'll scare ya silly, 12 brownies, Peanut butter Muscle Brownie, all natural, a low cholesterol food, fresh baked, no trans fat, 20g protein, Eat brownies, get muscles!, Protein can help in muscle development if combined with regular exercise and balanced nutrition. We created another perfect snack! Since 1993, Lenny and Larry's has been pumping protein into cookies, brownies, muffins and other goodies. Grab it, munch it, chomp it or devour it...but most importantly, enjoy it and stay healthy. Ingredients Protein Blend and Marshmallow Flavored Pieces 

Monday, May 22, 2017

'Bloomberg West' brings you the latest tech news LIVE from Silicon Valley

'Bloomberg West' host Emily Chang dives into the biggest stories in tech and talks to executives, entrepreneurs, and VCs who are building the technologies of tomorrow


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Star Brites Peppermint Candy, Individually Wrapped, 58 oz Bag

Star Brites Peppermint Candy, Individually Wrapped, 58 oz Bag
Star Brites Peppermint Candy, Individually Wrapped, 58 oz Bag
A high-grade sweet peppermint oil provides long-lasting rich, peppermint flavor in these small candies. A refreshing taste makes this candy Americas favorite starlight mint. Individually wrapped candies. With their vibrant red and white stripes, these little peppermints are a truly classic treat! Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Peppermint; Capacity (Weight): 58 oz; Packing Type: Individually Wrapped.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

What The Internet Looked Like In The 1990s

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Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer

    Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer

The book is a series of lessons teaching the reader how to build a web site with Joomla!. The book includes information on planning and configuring Joomla, within the context of a smaller website: Planning process, including choosing a web host and domain name Sections, categories, articles, menus Components, modules, and plugins, including good extensions to include in your site Installing a commercially available template Configuring users and user permissions Backups, maintenance, and administrative functions
The book is accompanied by a 2-3 hour DVD demonstrating the material covered in the book.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

What is an Affiliate? Marketing Expert and Marketing Specialist and Web Design

Managed Network Services - Simple Steps to Win, Insights and Opportunities for Maxing Out Success

What is an Affiliate

Re: Ask Shawn Collins: Advice For Newbie Affiliate Marketers?

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Coca-Cola Classic Coke Soft Drink

Coca-Cola Classic Coke Soft Drink
Coca-Cola Classic Coke Soft Drink

Treat yourself with a great tasting, Coca-Cola classic

Carbonated soft drink has been a favorite for generations.

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Prisoners and Programming, Websites and Careers, Skills and Coding Languages

Computer software, apps and websites are all made using coding languages or code for short. But despite the importance of coding, there is a major global shortage of people with the right skills. One group in South Africa is working to change that and hopes to create better opportunities for former prisoners. Brothers For All is an organization founded by former criminals who now teach coding both in poor neighborhoods and in prison.



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Friday, May 19, 2017

Girls and Tech: Efforts to Encourage Young Women into Programming

ABC’s Lana Zak investigates the efforts being made to get more girls into technology fields.


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Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines

Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines
Let 35 World Class Guerrilla Marketing Coaches Teach You Their Time-tested Tactics and Strategies for Getting New Customers and Turning Them Into Your Most Enthusiastic Fans! Here is a taste of what you're going to learn in Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines: * Dozens of new high impact strategies for reaching and acquiring new customers...even on a shoestring budget, * Cutting edge online tactics designed to cut through the clutter and dramatically increase your visibility and conversion rates, * The keys to developing high powered Guerrilla partnerships and affiliate programs that will leverage your time and actually make you money while you sleep. Are you ready to turn your own prospects into customers and then into raving fans who will buy from you again, and again, and again? Join us on the Front Lines and get ready to launch your own Guerrilla Marketing Attack!



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